Urantia, July 23, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “As a Little Child.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “First things must always come first. In order to grow up to become a dependable and responsible adult, there has to be a happy childhood, so a little one enjoys a firm and secure foundation in a loving, safe environment. It must not be otherwise. How is a child to evolve and grow up happily if its caretakers are not happy? This is plain common sense, but it seems that for a number of people on this planet common sense has taken leave. There is no better moment than the present to start thinking about the responsibilities that are inherent in parenthood. This is the most important responsibility a human can consent to during this foundational life on earth, which is the starting point for eternal life. It ought to be one of the prime responsibilities of any human, to exhibit a loving and caring attitude towards all others. Civilizations have arisen and fallen by the wellbeing, or lack of it, of its citizens. If the little ones are not nurtured, each to their innate propensity, how would they develop into worthy, responsible, loving citizens?

“The important point I am making here is that children ought grow up with the secure knowledge of their belonging -- that they are loved for who they are, because they are only in the beginning stages of their unfoldment. All children have the seeds of greatness in them as they come into the world with untold potential, and a hidden capacity to fulfill that most wonderful blueprint embedded in them all. Even if they seemingly lack the means to grow into a ‘worthy’ person as per the standards used on this planet, just remember the universal Creator knows each one and not one is forgotten. All have their own character traits, which seems to be different than expected at some level, yet all children serve a purpose, and that is to live a life to the edification of others, to invoke love and empathy.

“It is a blot on the history of this planet how even some tiny ones are already mistreated. Those responsible shall be held accountable for their misdeeds and need to learn to forgive their selves, which is not an easy thing to do, considering the misuse and abuse of human rights. The life-record is always taken into consideration. However, in order to progress and advance to a higher spiritual level, the slate of past misdeeds needs to be wiped clean, as the Universal Creator forgives inasmuch as humans are able to forgive themselves, it cannot be otherwise. The restrictions held in mind, produce after their kind, just like the thoughts held in mind, are always the cause of many thoughtless results.

“The secret is that in order to become a responsible adult, one is to remain a trusting, faith-filled child of the Creator God, with firmly established personal communication lines to the Spark from God within. He or She is the most direct intermediary between God and human. The more time is taken on a daily basis to activate and develop an open-ended and solid relationship, the easier it becomes to listen to the Guiding Light within.

“Do give this a try, and in doing so, help heal the ills of the world.”

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