Chicago, US of A, June 13, 2014.
Secondary Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Cultural Interruptions and Failures.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Thomas: “You, our human cousins, are real citizens of Urantia, but only in the transient way. Human civilization and even the knowledge of God has suffered immensely from the interruptions to human endeavors. The ministry of the Universe Sons, such as that of the Planetary Prince and Adam and Eve, was meant to provide continuing invisible and visible administration on Urantia that would compensate for these cultural gaps caused by the natural death of your leaders. However, unfortunately, both these previous missions failed in our sphere. The adherence of Caligastia to the Lucifer manifesto, the upheaval in the proven teaching and administrative policies of the Constellation Fathers, and the miscarriage of the genetic and cultural Adamic upstepping plan, deprived our world of the normal, stable and continuing benefits that otherwise would have attended Urantia.

“We, the Midwayers, also suffered from these unfortunate deviations, but all of us eventually managed to survive both unfortunate events and become the permanent citizens of Urantia. Since we don’t have physical bodies subject to the kinds of decay of your dimension, we, Primary and Secondary Midwayers, have lived on this sphere for many thousands of years and today we are the only real planetary connection of those faraway days to your present day. Presently being in good spiritual standing, all of us are subject to following orders coming from Prince Machiventa in his efforts to advance the Correcting Time. The Correcting Time will eventually bring Urantia onto its normal course and prepare it for the advent of future Paradise Missions and for the promised return of our Creator Son, Christ Michael.

“We Midwayers no longer act at will as many of us did in the past, misled by Caligastia’s doctrines of unbridled personal liberty. We are structured into a single organization, the United Midwayers of Urantia, and we follow our universe prime directive of non-interference with the exercise of human free will, except when specifically so directed by our superiors. This is the reason why we cannot interfere with your political, social and personal dealings, even if on many occasions and by our evaluation, they are rather disastrous to your way of life. Our way of influencing your realm is mostly by fostering good human initiatives, especially in those human subjects sponsored by experienced Thought Adjusters. We rarely intervene by preventing you from taking certain actions.

“Our culture and knowledge are indeed far ahead of yours, not only by our continuous accumulation and preservation of these, but also due to our constitution. We are capable of speedily performing tasks which would take you a considerable amount of time to perform. We never suffer from tiredness or forgetfulness, as you do. We retain all we learn and experience, and we have no need to stop and rest, although we do enjoy the opportunities for leisure and meditation. Our most valuable contribution to this world (besides when some of us attended the bestowal of Christ Michael on Urantia, when incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth) was the mediation for the materialization of recent Uversa and Nebadon revelations, known to you as the Book of Urantia, including our own account of the Life of Jesus Christ. In summary, we continuously work on your behalf, to facilitate your spiritual progress. However, we cannot solve your problems. It is your responsibility to take care of your selves. We can help, and much help is available to you, if only you would want to use it. Would you? By your request, I made myself available for this lesson. I am, as you know me, your longtime friend Thomas, a companion secondary midwayer, well familiar with your life’s journey. Adieu!”

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