Alberta, Canada, March 17, 2014.
Higher Self.
Subject: “Affirmation — An Invitation to Higher Learning.”

Received by Renée.

Higher Self: This is an invitation to higher learning. This is a meditation exercise for receiving words of wisdom.

There are no barriers to my learning, except those I impose upon myself. In this sacred, sanctified space, I listen with my soul, my highest mind and the personality knows its service place.

Let me listen and record now and here, all the words of love and wisdom I am actively, and free-willingly, capable of hearing.

I sit quietly and comfortably in this learning space and friendly sanctuary, allowing my Teachers their voices, their soul-expression, their rightful place, as I welcome them with gratitude, respect and warm hospitality.

I know these beings are sharing their highest, most loving and intelligent insights. I am trusted to record, review, interview and co-creatively write, with the steady and sure, good and pure investment of the Creator’s light.

Note: This meditation affirmation was received after a sincere request for help in keeping a listening-dedicated mind-space for wisdom, lessons and messages.

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