Urantia, July 27, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “This Priceless Life.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Hesitate no longer, and start typing the words that appear on the screen of your mind in praise and thanks-giving to the Creator of all, who gave his fiat for evolutionary creation in times immemorial. Even, I add, the word ‘immemorial’ is beyond comprehension of the human mind. And so it is that each generation born on this tiny planet thinks to know better than the eternal Creator, without whose life-giving energy they would not even be alive to be able to think. This evolving human species thinks so very little about the purpose of life and how precious this life is. Certain factions still hold that strange idea in their minds that with money they can purchase world dominion and see all others as disposable slaves, forgetting that all life is priceless.

“Gracious goodness, when will everyone on this precious planet wake up? This world once hosted the Ruler of a mighty Universe for the purpose of showing its humans for all time how to live the Creator’s will, not only for this planet but for the edification of all the planets in the universe of His and Spirit’s creation. This universe is still evolving with a prospective plan for one million inhabited planets. Your planet is so highly honored because of Michael’s choice of fulfilling his mission here, but already then an inclination to indescribable evil was shown to this most wonderful benign Ruler by His being nailed to a cross – the plan of doing away with Him. However, according to His promise, He resurrected Himself to show all humans that life carries on into eternity.

“Humans have been given many gifts, among them the gift of free will to choose how they shall fill the days in their precious lives by making honest and right use of their free will. All humans are responsible for the way they live their precious life on earth with the potential choice to live forever, which is the greatest possible gift to aim for. The question now arises: ‘How will you begin to express all the gifts still dormant and waiting in you to be actualized on the next levels. And how will you manifest in this life the values and meanings to be used on the next level of your eternal existence?’

“Think about how each day presents a new opportunity to fill in the blanks. It would be ever so useful to spare some valuable thought about how to please the Creator of all and ask for his input and if there is anything you can please the Creator with. After all without His prerogatives you would not even be alive. Are you helping or hindering your own life’s progress? The eternal plan for this planet is to move towards Light and Life, so it will become a veritable little paradise on its own as a glorious destination for other children of God to visit. Think of how you can do your part to help make this come about during your short sojourn on Urantia, so you can look back in eternity on your earth-life and be extremely pleased that you used your precious life, and added in some small way to planet’s well-being.”

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