Alabama, US of A, July 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Life is Perfect.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “For those who live with true faith and learn to glimpse the hand that organizes everything from behind the veil, life seems to have a definite purpose and everything seems to conspire to make each human increasingly more perfect. However, your free will is never violated. You are always the one who makes your decisions. Nobody will reach perfection if this is not desired, and often the desires of the soul are ignored by confused mortal minds.

“To those who decide not to let themselves be guided and answer only to the perceptions of their limited vision, life may seem unpredictable and at times nonsensical. Even when they achieve what they desire, it doesn’t bring them happiness, which increases the mysteries that surround the lives of these immature mortals.

“There are many who desire in their hearts to find the Father and to be better, even when in their material minds they don’t even know how to begin. This desire is the only thing the Father needs to start making this a reality through His Inner Presence and the many spiritual influences that minister to human beings.

“It is possible for many to be lost in drugs, vices, a life dedicated exclusively to material pleasures, power struggles, and in their souls still have the desire to leave that situation behind, be a better person and find peace, even if they don’t consciously realize this, and their actions indicate the opposite. These souls will be cared for with as much love as the ‘good’ ones. They will receive every opportunity to find true freedom and choose their eternal destiny. It is never too late to go back to the path that will lead you toward your eternal goals.

“Yes, life is perfect for those who progressively let themselves be guided by their Inner Spark. Those who grow in spirit will be able to look back on their lives and see how every situation was an opportunity to gain wisdom and express the best of their true nature. Simply learning to listen is the key to achieve the real goals of one’s mortal life and come closer to the purpose of life – the achievement of perfection.”

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