Chicago, US of A, June 14, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Superpower Nations.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Urantians are in the habit of calling some nations the superpowers. From a celestial perspective, real power deals with embracing goodness, peace and justice. Since your nations are far from serious in promoting these principles, that superpower classification is highly debatable, even inappropriate. You have heard the maxim: ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Bearing this motto in mind, let us take this opportunity to address what could be the responsibility of these so-called superpowers, if they were to be intent on working for the well-being of Urantia. By the foregoing terms, the responsibility of these ‘superpowers’ would indeed be ‘super-responsibility’.

“These so-called superpowers should exhibit bona fide interest in worldwide peace. Your governments cannot help but reflect your own personal lackings – the habit of taking advantage of any supposed superiority for personal profit. The most powerful of your nations, are those that emerged as such after profiting from successive wars, currently being the most belligerent nations on Urantia. No wonder so few sincere peace initiatives are coming from them. In life, you only receive something when you really work for it; and as long as worldwide peace is merely a touching phrase in beauty pageant contests, no peace is in sight.

“Your supposed superpower nations should start to equitably share their wealth, both within their countries and abroad. The abundant wealth of these superpowers is clearly shown to all when they engage in any war enterprise, and it is not without reason that many of you wonder how much real benefit this wealth would bring if applied to further the advancement of human beings, within and abroad, by means of better education, improved health services and social equality. Unfortunately, the ‘humanitarian funds’ of these so called superpowers are too often attached to discretionary external politics, favoritism, and provoke the indignation of those left out.

“So-called superpowers should invest more in an effective worldwide union of the nations. Past efforts, both during the aftermaths of your worldwide wars, were well-meant initiatives, but their failures were predictable as they were veiled impositions, and kept real power in the hands of few nations with veto power. A planetary union organization should embody real power from and over all nations on matters that could threaten planetary peace. However, would nations of Urantia relinquish their power of decision making in international matters to a Global Council? Or should I say, would the so-called superpowers take such a step in favor of peace?

“In the celestial view, the more superior you are, the more service oriented you must be. Christ Michael so taught you when incarnated among you as Jesus of Nazareth: ‘Whoever wants to become great among you must become the servant of others’. This he gave as an example. The essence of greatness is shown in impartial labor on behalf of the needy and distressed, not as an ‘strategic move’, seeking profitable returns. The true profit of goodness is the contemplation of the ennoblement of the neighbor. Unfortunately, currently, no nation on Urantia, is worthy of the adjective ‘great’. This is Prolotheos, your tutor on high.”

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