Illawarra District, Australia, August 11, 2014.
Celestial Engineer, Isaac.
Subject: “A New World.”

Received by George Barnard.

Isaac: “Good afternoon, my friends. (greetings acknowledged). Quite decidedly do I recall that I requested of you to not start any new wars in my absence. And what have you done? Well, true, much of what meets my eyes on my return is the same old … Nothing at all has changed. You are rather much-more-so at it, like the brave warriors you are, killing women and children. If Urantia were typical of the progressive planets in this local universe, I might well be given a lesson in recycling worlds, rather than encircuiting them.

“I see that we are ‘of a mind’ and both of us far from impressed about the goings on, here on my favorite Urantia holiday retreat. For now I am back from the planet of my recent abode, and for now she is left looking like she has been encased in a spider’s web of lose circuitry, but there is more to be done later, much, much later. As promised, I can give you some details of this world.

“She is larger in size by approximately nine percent compared to your home planet. By the time she will be ready for occupation, still millions of years into the future, she will be still larger in size, and grown through the countless small meteorites impacting her surface. One day she will be able to support humans of a very much smaller size to your human average. And, no, this is not a decimal planet. Whilst some new number of sub-species will likely ‘eventuate’ in distant times, all life will be imported, not evolve in situ.

“There is little more that I will tell you, as there are limitations to what I am allowed to disclose. More so, much of what I learned is beyond your understanding. However, of interest to you, and as I earlier indicated and showed you, a lot of the land area is covered with what resembles a woody vetch, yellow, green to red-brown in color. Its foliage will shrink the huge amount of carbon in the atmosphere, and, equally importantly, the acid bleeding from its roots will crumble the hard rock into useful soil for later, larger vegetation.

“The ongoing analyses of conditions on that world, by Life Carriers, students and helpers of many kinds, will ensure that the planet will be prodded along to become a splendid, healthy habitat for many a life form with humans at the apex. The vegetation you were so interested in may not even endure beyond the rehabilitation task for which it was designed. Then again, it may survive if it can adapt.

“Survival through adaptation will become rather important for some species on your planet, the human species in particular. Speak up my friends, and do say ‘no’ to further wars.

“It’s good to be welcomed here. May God bless you all.”

Notes: I was shown that vetch-like plant – hillsides full of it. Its roots actually moved, although somewhat slowly over the shiny wet rock and boulders.
Isaac is not a Midwayer, but a Celestial Engineer. That’s not explaining anything much, but he is one of the best of our friends. He sticks by his promises, enjoys humor, and greatly dislikes wars.

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