Urantia, August 6, 2014.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “On Becoming Perfect.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “What I am about to divulge is for the edification of all who have an ear to hear and a mind to comprehend the deeper meaning, and the purpose, of living. There is much that is not revealed to the human eye, but can be, and is, divulged to the discerning mind. The reason for this is that many people don’t take the time to think deeply enough to discover hidden meanings, everywhere, even abounding in nature. It is only during the last century or so that humans have been able to develop instruments powerful enough to discover things that have always been there. The wonders of nature; when discovered with time-lapse photography, are no longer hidden.

“These wonders are for all who take the time to observe matters that bring them closer to the creative powers of God. It is for the discerning mind and eye to find itself closer to so-called miracles. The wonders of discovery are never ending, as even when a raindrop or a snowflake are examined, not one is alike, as each is designed differently. Ponder the deeper meaning of all this, for even the myriad stars are each unique, and the eternal Creator knows them all by name and number.

“Do let this realization dawn in your evolving minds and see where these thoughts lead you. Do take the time and figure out where your place is in the scheme of things. What is the purpose of having been given a mind, is it to be used or squandered? Is it to lie dormant and undeveloped? Is it to get stuck in some rigid dogma or theology dreamed up by some human long gone, or might there perhaps be a chance for some independent active connection to the All That Is?

“Consider this most important matter. How is it that you humans have been given this precious life to live? What will you answer your celestial overseers, once you exchange your material bodies for one befitting your undying spirit-soul? Will there be some substance like love and goodwill, compassion, tolerance and forgiveness embedded in your souls? Contemplate these things, please, as you humans can entertain some very weird ideas that you will be perfect once you leave your planetary abode. Such is an extremely childish fantasy, and it is high time to burst that bubble of fanciful superstition. Such would be too easy with nothing worthwhile gained.

“The Gods have provided, for each soul called to life on the planets of space, a most wonderful and intriguing ascension journey, but only if you be so willing, since you have also been given free will to follow, or not to follow, the leading of your indwelling Sparks from God. The Gods literally weep at the stubbornness of you lowly creatures, that you simply are too willful being totally immersed in your own programs, forgetting that there is a higher purpose to living. The question begs to be asked: ‘When will humanity wake up and hear the Still Voice calling from within their hearts that there is a most beautiful eternal journey waiting for all of you?’ Get out of your little boxes and put your God-given thinking caps on, so you can proceed according to the mandate of God, to become perfect, like He is.”

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