Chicago, US of A, August 5, 2014.
Midwayer Thomas.
Subject: “Wars are Obsolete.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Midwayer Thomas: “On the worlds of time and space, the Gods are working on a new kind of perfection, different to God’s fiat perfection, as revealed in the celestial Sons and Daughters of the Central Universe. In their vast realms of time and space, the Gods are playing the evolutionary game, starting from imperfection in the lowest of animal life, and evolving it through experience into becoming the perfected beings now enlarging the Corps of Finality on Paradise. Indeed, evolution is highly effective, but at times very difficult to understand. Among these obscure aspects of evolution, wars are perhaps the paramount puzzle for human beings.

“The genesis of wars are conflicts through which the fittest survives by overcoming an adverse environment and other competitive beings. On Urantia, the primates were the species to finally reach a stage in evolution that prompted the Universal Father to bestow upon them their human personality. Conflicts, which made possible the ascent of the human race, were also to become a factor in its very enhancement. Wars among primitive humans became ingrained in human nature, and were even expected. The appearance of the six colors of races on all evolutionary worlds was designed to make natural belligerence in human instinct work for their very progress.

“Evolution alone does not produce God’s intent for the evolutionary worlds. Without divine participation, evolutionary beings could at best be superior animals, but still animals without free will – slaves to ancestral causation. Evolution is a divine method to bring life into the domains of the Michaels – the Creator Sons of God. The spiritual government and racial upsteppers provided by universes’ local systems intervene, and conduct evolution beyond the animal level, to produce the spiritual offspring of God. The local universe Sons advance human beings in this direction, for during each dispensation humankind is taught to love each other by doing the will of the Father.

“Your past experiences show that local conflicts become potential worldwide wars. Siding with nations supporting opposing sides of local conflicts, increases the risk of worldwide escalation. Humanitarian reasons are noble, but ineffective in stopping wars. Replace them with ethical reasons showing that wars now are, besides being unnecessary, cruel, immoral, and quite suicidal to your civilization. Have you totally lost your confidence in the power of dialogue, which has worked for you in the past, and is much more effective than bombs?

“I am Thomas, happy to sponsor this lesson. Remember the words that welcomed our Master to this world: ‘Peace and goodwill to all mankind on earth’”.

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