Urantia, August 15, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Greatest Visible Sign.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “You have been mulling over your morning devotional reading, for you came upon this sentence: ‘The greatest sign ever given.’ The true meaning of this, and how extremely valuable the knowledge of this one sentence would be for the world’s citizenry, if only they would know this and think deeply about what this truly means! The meaning of this visible sign at that tremendous occasion, happening over two thousand years ago, simply proves that life goes on after death, and that death is nothing to be feared. I am, of course, referring to the resurrection of Jesus. In truth and fact he resurrected himself after his Crucifixion. His being a Son of God, he had the power to lay down his life and take it back up again.

“He alluded to this when he spoke about it in a parable about a house being destroyed, and that he would build it up again within three days, yet no one, not even the apostles, understood. This event alone ought to have changed the appreciation for his teachings on the planet, and even though the apostles and significant others tried to spread this wonderful message, thus far little significance has been allotted to the real life and teachings of Jesus.

“What was the true significance of Jesus speaking in parables? He wanted his listeners to draw their own conclusions and think deeper. It was his way of showing the masses, and the educated people of that time, that there were mysteries they could not fathom due to their level of unbelief, even though some among them were the teachers of their flock. The wonderful realization and truth that they were hosting the ruler and creator of a mighty universe escaped them. During his tenure on earth, Jesus revealed the nature of an unconditionally loving God to them. He was always speaking in terms of my and your Father in heaven.

“The truth of this wonderful message, and all of Jesus’ teachings about an unconditionally loving Creator God, has been obscured and grossly misinterpreted. Instead they have become the story about Jesus. With the Epochal Revelation (the Urantia Book), the real truth will finally be rediscovered and taken out the caves of dogma, superstition and theology. Some deeper thinking minds are beginning to realize what that stupendous event means for all time, and for all of creation.

“Very little of the example of his life in always doing the will of God, and in expressing his unconditional love for all, has been accepted by the people of this planet, who still labor under false superstitions and belief systems. The true significance of his life and teachings will someday be more widely known and accepted, and hopefully put into practice.

“This is the intention of the celestials, who work under the mandates of this same Jesus, better known as Michael, as the Correcting Time on this backward planet is slowly gathering momentum. However, it all depends on the willingness of its inhabitants whether they accept the clarion call to wake up and do their part.”

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