Alberta, Canada, December 4, 2013.
Prometheus’ Treasures - XVI.
Subject: “Friendship and Partnership with God.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Prometheus: “Friendship and partnership with God is a noble and attainable goal for any free-willed human. It requires the dispelling of superstition, misunderstandings, misconceptions, myths and all fear-based animal-mind emotions. The most crucial aspect in establishing a humble, healthy and heart-centred relationship is to offer your receptivity to your indwelling Spirit as a willing and hospitable host.

“Human beings on this planet continue to harbor primitive and harmful ideas and fear-derived fallacies when confronted with the factual truth that they are indeed hosts to the Spirit Gift of the First Source Creator.

“The unlearning of untruths thus becomes a priority and prerequisite for the clearing of their consciousness which is clouded and crowded by mistaken assumption, and corrupted by fallacious presumption.

“The first step to correcting a fear-corrupted mind must be the clearing of a communication channel at a high enough ‘frequency’ to allow the loving and reassuring, warming and comforting divine energies into the heart-space – the heart chakra – the central portal within the energy-body of the infant morontia soul. The circuitry of the energy system developing within the human being requires the infusion of divinely-supplied energies. The strengthening of these energy-body circuits depends upon the progressive spiritization of the mortal through their conscious participation and free-will cooperation. Fear based emotions effectively block, and can occasionally short-circuit, the growth and functioning of the morontia energy body, often referred to as the light-body in some eastern religious traditions.

“The loving and very real positive and powerful feelings one experiences in the heart chakra are directly proportional to the degree to which the receptive individual is able to allow and accept these energies, as well as to the degree to which the individual is consciously in alignment and attunement with higher thoughts, altruistic and sincere higher emotions, and soul-satisfying service motivation. These high vibrational frequencies of light come to the individuals who desires with authenticity and selfless service motivation to assist and ally themselves with the Creator in order to further the Will, and promote the progress of the Plans, of the Creator.

“Such powerful heart-centered experiences of divine love and real investment act as the strongest kind of faith-reinforcing, fear-dispelling, and mind-purifying agents for mortals who demonstrate their genuine and heart-felt desire to participate as a willing partner in co-creative, divinely coordinated initiatives.

“The expansion and advancement of the capacities of the soul-service motivated mortal depend upon the continued efforts of this enlightened individual to consciously connect in a daily exercise. A soul is not sustainable without it connecting with that which feeds it divine elemental source energies of light. The Teacher within can then more effectively work with Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth and Mother Spirit’s Mind Adjutants to educate and emancipate the mind from fearful thoughts. The Teacher within can then help the human-host to follow the divine leadings, which encourage and empower the co-creative efforts of the free-will endowed, now free-will consecrated mortal.

“The pleasures of the ‘outer world’ are supplementary to the satisfaction of the ‘inner kingdom’ as you share soul-growth experiences and perform your part of loving service to your fellows in friendship and partnership with God.

“We are Prometheus and Friends.”

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