Alabama, US of A, August 2, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Research and Revelation.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many of the ideas science of today has about the universe will eventually be proven to be incorrect. Most scientists believe in an ever-expanding universe, but those of you who have read the Epochal revelation know that this is not the case. One could ask, what is the purpose of scientific research if there will always be things that cannot successfully be explained by science?

“Science is very valuable to any civilization. Through exploration of the mysteries of the universe, and through curiosity to find out how things work, many useful discoveries have been made, improving the lives of human beings. Your progress from the times of the cavemen, to the many luxuries and advantages of modern life, have been possible thanks to scientific research.

“Here, clarification about the revelations in the Urantia papers is in order. What is therein described about the universe – as for most other ideas displayed in these documents – represent the highest ideas about truth that originated in the minds of human beings of this planet. Nothing that was not discovered by humanity has been revealed. Even the more advanced ideas about the origin of the universe were at one time contemplated by superior human minds of this world, and these ideas were preserved by the Guardians of Wisdom on Paradise.

“There are still many things to be discovered by the civilizations on this planet. The advancements in science, philosophy, and religion are always the heritage of a material sphere. Your achievements are forever yours, so rejoice in your progress and accept the responsibility of finding solutions to the problems you are facing today.

“Of course, you are not alone in these adventures. God, through the presence of the Thought Adjusters, and through myriad Teachers and helpers, is available to assist you in directing your ideas and efforts towards more productive endeavors with a higher change of success.

“The true teachers are not those who offer their students the solutions to their problems. A true teacher lets the student enjoy the satisfaction of his or her own discovery, plus the rewards of his or her efforts in discovering truth. Thus meanings and values become part of the person who discovers them, because they are the results of real experiences.”

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