Chicago, U S of A, September 1, 2014.
Teacher Hezekiah.
Subject: “Saving Faith.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Hezekiah: “The spiritual is real, and it manifests itself in degrees of purity. God’s nature being the purest of all is perceived in its infiniteness only by the Gods of the Trinity. Faith is an endowment from the Father, capable of perceiving the spiritual. It is nonetheless interpreted by mind, which when unaided by revelation can, and surely will, present many distortions. Your decision of hopefully acting on the impressions that faith has caused in you, effectively entitles you to eternal life – because eternal life was, is and always will be by means of this Fundamental Faith, that believes and longs for that which is beyond the simply material.

“First, ponder that Faith is not your emotions. Your emotions are responses to something that at a given moment has vital importance to you. Faith may well be an ingredient of your emotions being triggered, but emotions do not validate your faith or beliefs. That, to which emotions testify, is at that moment of paramount importance. Faith is exclusively sensitive to the spiritual, but emotions do not excite faith. Emotions may express faith, but may also express fear, hate and all sorts of good and bad responses, to certain circumstances. Faith is exclusively related to spiritual realities. It does not depend on anything material, and its evidence is totally subjective.

“Also, Faith is not your reasoning: You may well be intellectually flawless in your affirmations, and yet be spiritually mistaken. Although the source of your mind is spiritual (from the Third Source and Centre), mind is not spiritual in and of itself. Your mind is an endowment that allows you to make decisions. Mind processes information to give you the basis for your decisions, but it doesn’t validate their spiritual accuracy. Therefore, the Father gives you a Fragment of His Spirit which adjusts your thoughts and can be perceived by faith, giving you spiritual insight for your daily decisions. Faith thus perceives and works with your Spirit Within.

“Consider lastly that Faith is not your bravery. Bravery is a noble action taken against all odds. The difference between bravery and faith is that bravery is blind, but faith does see what is spiritual and spurs on spiritual actions. The basis for bravery is duty, love or need; the basis for faith is spiritual insight. Bravery may be instigated by faith, but doesn’t require it. An atheist may show bravery and still be spiritually lost. Bravery alone, acts beyond the reasonable. Bravery with faith, acts beyond the unthinkable. Faith surpasses bravery, for bravery is noble but uncertain, whilst faith is noble and totally certain.

“Unqualified Faith, that is the fundamental spiritual faith, is essential to eternal life. Faith is not believing a body of dogmas from a religion. Faith is certainty and longing of a better afterlife with God. Your theology may be wrong, but your faith in God’s existence and willingness to be with God, entitles you to eternal life. Due to faith you will be re-personalized in the celestial realm to start your journey of spiritual progress until you are spiritually perfected and stand before God. Eternal life does not depend upon your religious orthodoxy, but upon your faith.

“I am Hezekiah, your other teacher on High.”

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