Urantia, August 17, 2014.
Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Filing Cabinet.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Reviewing your experiences can be likened to opening a filing cabinet. You could imagine that your brain has many ‘drawers’ which when opened show compartmentalization. When perusing a particular drawer’s content, you will find many files that hold the memories of your life. Still, the most important drawer is the one that holds your pre-conception files – in other words, the story of your forebears. This drawer is usually opened in the next stage of existence to catch a glimpse of who those ancestors really were during their lives. Perchance you might be able to look them up and converse with one or two you might be interested in. The main thing I would like you to remember is that you share much of their genes, as you humans all stand on the shoulders of your forebears.

“And yes, I realize that this ‘issue’ of reincarnation keeps running across your mind, as many people belief in re-embodiment. In fact, the human body consists of trillions of cells, each with their own memory. This is truly a slippery slope as many people love to waste their time dwelling on someone else’s past, which is embedded in the cells of their bodies. It would be far better to live consciously in the now and prepare for the eternal future that is waiting for all. Each of you, if you so desire, may meet up later in eternity to compare notes, like meeting your very first parents from which your genetics springs. In doing so, you will discover that ultimately you are all connected through different ‘blood lines’ and therefore kin. Humanity can be compared to the colors and composition of the rainbow – all separate but when put together, all one family.

“In getting back to the subject of the filing cabinet, keep in mind that I was only speaking of one drawer, but how about the present drawer of your life’s cabinet? If you are curious enough, open it and there will be a file hiding behind everything you have experienced so far in your present life. How about the one, hidden at the back, out of sight, and practically forgotten? This one contains your unrealized potential gifts with your hopes and dreams. Somehow, life ‘threw you a curve ball’ when very little and everything changed due to decisions made.

“Perhaps we ought to take a peek in the drawer that holds all memory of human gestation, during which many things where experienced as an embryo, and whilst both the brain and memory were being formed. This includes the time when hearing and the other senses develop, and therewith a newly born baby potentially already carries needless baggage. Perhaps it had to helplessly listen to fights between its parents, and most likely sense and experience the entire gamut of unneeded emotions?

“This knowledge alone might give prospective parents something to think about, as this information is not widely known. Anyone can fill in their personal blanks when in his or her mind they pull open a drawer to discover a hidden file. The rest of the drawers belong to the divine blueprint given by God, and they will be opened in eternity for ever-more and never-ending discoveries.”

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