Alberta, Canada, June 20, 2013.
Teacher of Mine – Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Idolatry.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher of Mine: “Idolatry is a concept steeped in a great deal of fear and surrounded by emotional ‘heaviness’ since peoples in ancient times used totems and built real material likenesses of animals. Some worshiped individual humans, characterizations of natural phenomenon, suns, stars, and even parts of the human anatomy.

“Idols are commonly part of the infancy of an evolutionary religion. They become enculturated, and rituals – often superstitions in nature and fear based rituals – spring up around the use of idols symbolic of power and prosperity, fertility, beauty, wisdom, all the wants and desires of the individuals projected onto a physical symbol. This is the need the developing human mind has for the pacification of fears, and the need which the more primitive part of the human personality has for symbol identification, and the gratification that can come with the crude form of worship associated with what essentially amounts to ego-needs or creature-needs.

“This form of crude and immature worship is frequently steeped in superstition and magical thinking, a curious mixture of selfishness and admiration, and veneration for natural phenomenon, and often the processes involving creation, procreation, growth, birth, development, sexual activity, all life-supporting or life-giving observable phenomenon.

“The advancement of evolutionary religion depends on the receptivity of individuals within a society to real spiritualizing forces and the learning abilities of these receptive individuals to attune to the indwelling Adjuster and the Mind Adjutants of Mother Spirit, as well as in more recent times – since Christ Michael’s bestowal on Urantia – the Spirit of Truth.

“The clinging of evolutionary religions to symbology is not necessarily always detrimental to advancing Truth, but the profound and fundamental understanding for advancement of an evolutionary religion is in fact the acceptance of the Creator’s Indwelling within the heart and mind of each human, and in association with the concept-belief in a growing ‘spirit entity’ within the human – the morontia soul.”

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