Alabama, USA, August 9, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Students and Teachers.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Those who work for the Father are not “chosen.” They are volunteers. It is acceptable to feel pride in being one of those who has given self to be in the Father’s service, since this is a gift from the individual personality of a creature that is deservedly acknowledged on high. However, do not let this confuse you to the extent that you start believing that you are somehow above your peers. The love of the Father is the same for all, just like the love of human parents should be the same for all their children. If at times only some children do their parents proud, the love of wise parents still remains equal for all.

“The true risk of feeling superior to your siblings in this world is that you may lose the perspective of your relationship with them, and deprive yourselves of many opportunities for spiritual growth. The danger of spiritual pride, in considering yourselves to be teachers above everyone else, lies in the fact that you may forget that you must be a student of life and you might therefore ignore many of the lessons that are constantly placed upon your path. A true teacher remains humble by maintaining a healthy perspective about reality and by understanding his or her place in the universe. Such teachers constantly grow in wisdom and spiritual achievement, because they are able to learn even from the children among them – those lower in age and in spirit.

“The true spiritual teacher considers all mortals to be equal, and understands that the achievements of one can be duplicated by all. Therefore, this teacher has supreme confidence in all people, and great hopes for the hidden potential of those souls who remain slumbering in the “untruth” of material life. The true spiritual teacher inspires students toward higher spiritual achievements, because of this great faith in them, accepting implicitly that they can reach very far – even further than their instructor.

“A true spiritual teacher does not feel threatened by the achievements of the students, which will sometimes reach beyond what their teacher has achieved, accepting that by tomorrow their roles may be reversed and the teacher will become the student. This is the only way both teachers and students will continue to grow.

“A true spiritual teacher knows that there really aren’t teachers and students. All are involved in the same learning process, sharing the lessons and the understandings, to together achieve the goal of perfection. Every soul you meet on your path is your teacher and your student because the goal of the ages – perfection and the likeness of the Father – is a goal that can only be achieved in collaboration, since all are part of God and all are one. The actions of one human being may be outstanding. The actions of humanity working in harmony under the guidance of God can achieve the impossible, even turning a backward material world into a kingdom of true perfection and beauty.”

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