Chicago, US of A, September 7, 2014.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “What Does it Take to Unite the World?”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Teacher Prolotheos: “True and absolute unity can only be found in the Trinity, in which the diversity of three existential Persons of deity is perfectly unified in one God. To understand unity, consider that there is no need for unity where there is no diversity, and diversity is made of units. In God, and in God’s creation, both diversity and individuality are real. In your quest for unity, make sure you will not destroy individuality, but look for commonalities among you. The vital questions for our message today are: What will unite your world? Which commonalities should you seek? Here are some of them…

“Contemplate first how your origin unites you all in civilization. Families, tribes and nations are all based in a common origin. Ancestry is the most powerful unifying element of the human race. However, when this is viewed in a restricted way, it is also the greatest divider among you. To unite the world you must value foremost the most distinctive origin of all: God. The day on which most humans will realize their common, divine ancestry in the One God, represented by their diverse deity concepts, will be the day when you start the human brotherhood based in the fatherhood of God.

“Next, think of how many goals could unite you in your endeavors. Common goals are capable of uniting you beyond blood. Having common goals is not simply having the same goals. Same goals can be pursued separately, but common goals require your cooperation in their pursuit. However, first the individuals need to espouse the same unifying goals, and then others will join in their worldwide pursuit. Many different goals are capable of unifying human beings, but to keep them together it is necessary to unify them in the supreme goal of doing the will of the God, both as individuals, and as a group.

“Lastly, consider how experience unites you with others, and how common experiences may unite the human race. Unfortunately, they usually are experiences of suffering that unite people, and most often, large unifying efforts come about in times of war. Natural tragedies and noble causes as to minimize the suffering of a particular group of people or nations, also bring about unity among the peoples. Still, the experience which should unite all peoples on Urantia, is the most basic of all – the experience of living. All peoples should basically enjoy good conditions of living, with equal access to employment, housing, health, education and leisure.

“Therefore, my pupil, Urantians already have the resources capable of uniting them – your common origins, common goals and common experiences. Now, use these resources in a global and equal manner to unify you as the human race. Not with seasonal campaigns, but with a program of a global government, with real political and economic power to gradually bring social equality among the nations, which will extinguish poverty and wars that today constitute your most backward features. Realize, once and for all that you are all brothers and sisters, children of one and only loving God. I am Prolotheos, your Teacher and Tutor on High.”

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