Urantia, September 13, 2014.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “By Your Choices, Decisions and Actions.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Since you again made yourself available, I shall place some words to be offered to the community at large on the screen of your mind. As usual, I adapt my lesson to the words which made the biggest impression on your mind during your meditative reading of The Guiding Light Within. You seem to be especially taken by the concept of how choices, decisions, and actions can bring you closer to the divine Spark that lives and works within you as a special Gift from our Creator Father. This divine Spark resides in all moral peoples on this particular planet since the time of the bestowal of the Creator and Ruler of our local universe, who after completing His mission here, also gifted you his Spirit of Truth.

“The question still begs to be asked: ‘How many mortals will take advantage of the Guiding Light within them to change the present atmosphere of fear on this planet? Dear friends, I have news for you: It begins by each individual who dares to break out of the collective slumber this planet is threatening to further drift into. Each will be held responsible for their personal awakening. When one truly starts to listen, there may seemingly be an alarm bell going off and one begins to question, whether the time is ripe for a new day to dawn upon the horizon of one’s mind. It is so very easy to follow the crowd, however, it takes much more courage and spunk to start thinking about the direction this new day is going to take.

“Truly, the simplest way will always be to take into confidence the Divine Spark living within you, and hand over the day to your Thought Adjuster, saying, ‘It is my will that Your Will be done.’ In all honesty and sincerity you must allow the Pilot of your little life-boat to take the helm of your heart for your highest spiritual good and for the well-being of the planet and the evolution of the whole universe. Consider yourselves to be adding to the fulfillment of the Creator’s divine plan for the evolution of your souls.

“Everything you undertake and accomplish in this earth-life is having consequences elsewhere. Your planet is not alone in the cosmos. It belongs to a vast organization of millions of planets in this local universe alone, but at present she is presenting a very sick picture compared to her sister planets. It is the teamwork of all involved who abide by the will of God to begin to fulfill His divine mandate in this foundational life, which is already on the way to become perfect. In doing so, each individual choice, decision and action adds not only to the eventual completion of your planet into Light and Life but also to the culmination of completed stability of this universe, which again adds to the greater universes beyond.

“The ‘life-time’ of creative evolution is endless, therefore think with pride of how your fine choices, decisions and actions may ‘roll on down the line’ with their far-reaching effects.”

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