Illawarra District, Australia, September 9, 2014.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Change – Step by Step and at a Leisurely Pace.”
(a more personal message – shortened).

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “It is a product of your having risen above animal status that in your mind you can clearly imagine anything as being perfect, when in reality it is broken, rather ugly, or quite wrong. You are human, so you have imagination, you visualize things as being complete, and therefore you often grow so very impatient. In point of fact, you learn that all so-called rebel Midwayers are rehabilitated (2000), and now you expect all the world to know shortly after (2014). Evolution goes step by tiny step.

“Not everyone is waiting for you to don your sacred robes and proclaim 11:11 Progress from some holy mountain. In point of fact, consider how delighted you were about some wishing to export democracy, with or without a touch of aggression. Try to remember, won’t you? Forced democracy must be rated as the most abject of failures of the twentieth century, and it is ‘rolling right on’ into the twenty first. Evolution, happens at a leisurely pace.

“Time and again you will be confronted by those who consider Satan and sundry devils, Lucifer, even Caligastia, to be alive and kicking. They were locked away, then ‘recycled’, all of them, yet only the occasional tad of unrest in the borderland is enough for their animal fears to boil to the surface. We ask you to not place these seekers’ enquiries to one side, but answer them in detail, one by one, with all the references you can give them. All such progress happens, just one person at a time.

“There are countless believers that are far from up to date with the Correcting Time, and as well, myriad brothers and sisters know not of the recent dispensation accompanying the long awaited adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion. From where we are seated, Aaron and I, we note the euphoric Seraphim and Cherubim when their human charges finally take a step forward in the knowledge that they, too, are counted in Michael’s universe as future eternal beings.

“We know that for you it is not fast enough, and for the many that labor for (11:11) Progress this is frequently also the case, whilst the One whose instructions you follow is pleased with your collective progress. All of you are short-lived mortals, intent on contributing where your talents lie. However, you were never designed to bring anything as important as 11:11 Progress to its conclusion. In Machiventa’s book, you all are only the foreword.

“Without a break, and for ‘a hundred years’, those disappointed or bored with their evolutionary religions will be contacted by the valiant midway workers with their 11:11 time-prompts. Countless new receivers will be ‘spawned’ by this 11:11 Group, but change will come step by step, and at a leisurely pace, for such is evolution.

“We both bid you all a wonderful day. This is Samuel.”

Receivers note: The term ‘a hundred years’ simply means a long time. I heard that many times over the years.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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