Alberta, Canada, December 27, 2013.
Teacher Sandalius.
Subject: “Divine Feminine – The Investor of Vitality.”

Received by Renée.

Teacher Sandalius: “Great forces are at work on this planet, which is the bestowal world of our Creator Son, Michael. His local Universe of Nebadon, is named after His Creative Partner, Nebadonia. She is the Source of divine feminine energies, and referred to in the christian bible as the Holy Spirit, also in other religious texts and scriptures by various references, including Divine Mother Spirit.

“Much confusion exists in the interpretation of these various texts with regards to the origin, function and responsibilities of the Mother Deity. She reigns alongside Christ Michael as his Partner and the Parent of the various orders of angelic beings and administrators, councillors, guardians, midwayers and mortals of the local Universe. She is the source of feminine creative energies which ‘spark’ and initiate life on the planets of evolution in the space-time realm She occupies. She is the Giver of the vitalizing divine spark which catalyzes the life plasm brought to the evolutionary spheres on orders of Christ Michael in conjunction with the Life Carriers at ‘times deemed appropriate’ in this local universe of Nebadon.

“There will one day be some ten million inhabited planets in this local universe. Nebadonia is the Divine Mother Spirit for all the inhabitants of Her Universe whose human children alone number in the trillions. She is intimately aware of each and every one of her human charges and concerned and involved with the intellectual and spiritual development of all of Her free-will-personality-bestowed offspring. Her Creator Son-Partner, Christ Michael, is the ‘Co-creative’ Divine ‘Co-Parent’ of the evolutionary children and known to most on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth, the historical personality written about in the Christian scriptures and other religious texts, who lived and taught spiritual law and morally correct living, through the course of His brief but productive and significant mortal bestowal mission some two-thousand years ago.

“Feminine principles of divinity are fundamental to creation and ensure the healthy development and expression of caring and compassionate individuals and societies.

“No social group can survive or thrive without the devotion, dedication and direction supplied by the mindal attributes of the feminine personality which are complimentary to the mindal qualities of the male personality.

“All individual mortals are gifted with a unique personality at the time of their birth on their home planet. The procreative process necessarily involves the joining of the complementary forces of masculine and feminine creative energies and each aspect contains qualities which ensure the species can survive, adapt, progress and learn to live intelligently as individuals within the social architecture of family and community.

“The overcoming of prejudice which disqualifies and prevents females from full equality status and rights within their community is tremendously important for the progression of your planetary culture to a sustainable and healthy one. The cost of failure to educate females is far, far greater than the cost of educating them. Only with the full participation of female members of society, with equal citizenship rights and access to all available resources including education and inclusion in family, government and judicial decision-making, can there be any hope of advancing the quality of life on Urantia.”

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