Illawarra District, Australia, July 19, 2014.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subjects: “Life Carrier Functions – Revelation and Re-introduction of Ideas.” (a much shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “The existence of a Life Carrier is one of permanent employment in research, and ongoing supervision by Melchizedeks and those of our order. The rules of engagement regarding our decimal-world organization would leave you astounded by its complexity. No less involved and scrutinized are the timings of transportation of myriad flora and fauna species to the non-decimal worlds, for even minor slip-ups on the part of Life Carriers could as a result cause sheer planetary devastation.

“Another Force closely supervising, and at times advising us on our duties, are the Thought Adjusters, specifically appointed to that task. It is considered that I may likely fuse with such a Thought Adjuster, upon this sphere, the local universe having achieved Light and Life, at which time we shall follow you on your pilgrimage and be Paradise bound. For ages and ages we carry on with our tasks, and we are aided by an ability to merely observe a species and intimately ‘know’ its DNA, RNA profiles, and estimate all its innate potentials.

“Although I am not the one most conversant with matters revelation or the re-introduction of ideas, we have broached this subject before. Let us first of all consider that pure revelation is a rarity, a very scarce commodity, for which there must either be a most urgent need to know, or for it to represent a reward to someone, for it to be divulged. Many matters, naught to do with revelation, are seen as belonging to the previously unknown and ‘divulged by the Gods’. Many great ideas and inventions, do come directly from keen human minds.

“These ideas and inventions are of many varied classes and of many sub-types between. There are ideas and inventions merely considered, then simply discarded for a time. Unlikely to be re-introduced by your celestial guardians and carers, they generally await once more being thought of. There are ideas and inventions that enter the minds of a number of people almost simultaneously, and these tend to be important as if they were awaited, overdue in arriving, perhaps, or needed to be fast-tracked to preserve the flow of life and time.

“There are techniques and inventions of great brilliance belonging to another age, like the making of concrete and plaster so much harder and lasting than that of today, the lifting of huge boulders for which one now requires powerful cranes, not levitation of any kind. Such things, if needed, will need to be re-invented, because your technologies took different turns. Still, they are truly yours in that they belong to this world, to your people, and a time may come when Spirit will deem it ‘profitable’ to re-introduce to you information from the Custodians of all Knowledge.

“In summary, there are ideas that are almost immediately discarded, next up those of ancient ways and inventions that are now no longer appropriate, as well as ideas and discoveries that logically belong to present times and may well be thought of by a single genius, or by more than a few lively minds and in diverse places. Then there is revelation, the ‘hard to come by – must apply for’ occasional morsel of knowledge not one of you has as yet thought of. Remember also that mind can be directed, but also be directive, and take charge.

“With Prince Machiventa’s greetings here sent to you, I say carry on discovering. I am Orion, Senior Life Carrier, and a designated spokes person for this world. I greet all my listeners (readers) of these words and say goodbye for now to my dear friends here assembled – Midwayers, Angels and all.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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