Urantia, September 30, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Making Spiritual Progress.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Well then, finally an answer to your silent question: “Am I making progress in my inner life?” The long and the short answers would be that this weighty question is best answered by you. However, your hidden longing is to gain confirmation from me that is beyond doubt. As long as you entertain self-limiting thoughts, and you de-value yourself as a child from the Most High God, you have more work to do. This has nothing whatsoever to do with destroying your ego. It is simply a matter of becoming more balanced, and having a calm demeanor, without being thrown about by the winds of change around you. It is also by not being disturbed by negative comments from others, which might send you right back into a self-limiting mode.

“The Eternal Creator has a special design for each mortal, given to each new human offspring drawing its first breath. It is this divine blueprint embedded in each one, with the freedom to discover this wonderful secret for the self. And this is especially the case on this precious bestowal planet of the Ruler of this Universe in which your tiny blue orb is located. Some humans, who had not discovered this truth of their being, or where unwilling to discover this truth, once conspired to nail Him to a cross of wood. They lost thereby the chance for their race to remain the chosen people to proclaim the good news of a loving Creator God to all the peoples of this Earth. This promise was made by a certain Melchizedek to father Abraham some time before Jesus’ coming. This good news message continued to be passed on by many prophets and seers to keep the promise alive.

“Here we see in this sordid tale how un-progressive humans can be when they pay no heed to the warnings that had sounded throughout their history. Instead they persisted on remaining stuck in old worn-out dogmas and laws, instead of heeding the warnings of their olden prophets. The resounding message of John the Baptist – the forerunner of Jesus – to prepare the way for the Messiah, was also ignored by the rulers of the people.

“This, my child, shows the true small-mindedness of a people, who could have made this world a better place. Instead unbelief and greed were the reason for their downfall. They forfeited this promised gift of announcing the good news by their refusal and non-acceptance to become the teachers of Jesus’ message of God’s unconditional love for each who had an ear to hear and to accept His loving message in their hearts.

“Put in simple terms, progress and beginning to fulfill that precious divine blueprint happen through listening more carefully to the Guiding Light within. Also, one must not diminish this Light, but instead feed one’s own light by ensuring that one’s end of the communication lines to God is open, in order to take advantage of that pilot light within each one. This is entirely possible. However, since you humans have been given free will, it depends on your willingness to take the time each day to converse with that most valuable and awesome Spark from God within, as this is the most important way of making spiritual progress.”

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