Alabama, US of A, August 8, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Greatest Contributions.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “An illusion that mortals should learn to leave behind is the one of ‘the greatest contributions’. Who is bigger in the eyes of your Father: The one who shouts words of wisdom to the world, or a homemaker who dedicates her life to providing for her family without earning any laurels? You already know the answer. All are equal in the eyes of God, yes — even those who live only for themselves.

“The difference lies in the lessons learned. It is possible that our homemaker achieves such a high degree of abandonment of the self by her desire of being the best possible version of herself for her family. Perhaps our ‘prophet’ only desires acknowledgment for his ideas and his genius — a reward for his ego. It is by their motivation that one can determine the quality of experience — its eternal value.

“The problem with those who perform great deeds only to get a reward is that when there is a need for someone to work alone without glory, these contributors will not do the work. However, those who are used to giving the best of themselves as an offering to God — knowing that only the Father is aware of their efforts — can be trusted to be great in lesser and bigger tasks. This is the discipline you should master and the goal to which you should aspire.

“The key to a true and higher service is love. If you make the effort to do your best out of love for the One who has created and inspired you, you will achieve a high degree of spiritual growth. Human beings very soon learn to deeply love those who receive the best of their service and help. The most eloquent example of this is the great love that human parents develop for their children through their many years of dedication to their welfare. A life dedicated to the intelligent service to others will produce a higher understanding of the unconditional love of God for all. This love will fill your soul and will easily overflow to other human beings.

“In the end, that answer is always love. This is also the clearest sign of spiritual growth and universal citizenship. A slave of tradition does the work of the Father because it is the right thing to do. A true son of God does it because of the love for his or her siblings, which is a path to understanding and experiencing the love of the Father.”

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