Urantia, October 30, 2014.
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Dawning of a New Day.

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “What exactly is meant by this subject: ‘The dawning of a new day?’ First, it is the glimmer of hope that will soon be spreading all over the planet! At first it will be noticed by those who are known to be early risers, those who awaken ready to start a new day because of the promise it holds, and their urge to get going. They are the investigators who are nudged from within to find out what the day is going to bring. Many children are like this, and they are the lucky ones who start investigating things on their own without having to be entertained by some sort of mechanical contrivance to have others do their thinking for them. So, which child is busy to develop its God-given brains?

“Correct, they are those who discover the world for themselves and give their imagination free reign. These little inventors are the promising ones as they are the self-starters in life. There is much to be said on this subject, but I shall leave it to the imaginative thoughts of those who still think for themselves.

“Taking the time by starting a new day in meditative silence to connect with the Guiding Light Within, to be strengthened and full of hope for the day ahead without being waylaid by all the negative news of the day would already be a huge step in the right direction to look upon creation afresh, instead of with jaundiced eyes and at times with looks of despair and pain. This choice, as free-willed creatures, is always yours.

“Every dawning of a new day bodes well for better days ahead, and even the dark days will be welcomed as they bring the promise of a clearing the air and of better things to come. We are not going to hammer you over the head with the coming changes. Many of you — if you stand still long enough to think for yourselves — know that there are big changes in the wind. Have you given some thought as to how you will take these changes in stride? Will you be mentally prepared with a greater trust in God, who is still at the helm of His Creation?

“In watching humanity from our celestial point of view we see it as a great pity that old superstitious belief systems still hold sway over the masses of sleepy ones. What if everyone would start to put into practice the golden rule of doing unto others the way they themselves would like to be treated? What if at the dawning of this promising new day women would finally be respected and accorded their rightful place as equal partners alongside their mates? What if this alone would turn the tide of negativity, which is threatening to engulf this most wonderful planet?

“How is it that hardly anyone realizes that somewhere their planetary home is on fire and being bombarded with evil? Please make a concerted effort to extinguish the fire of abuse and greed. The dawning of the new day of correction is gathering light. How about waking up to start participating in the ‘cleanup’ rather than continuing being part of this horrendous problem?”

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