Alabama, US of A, August 18, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Leadership”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A true leader doesn’t have to convince people to follow him or her. Jesus was a true leader because he earned the respect and trust of His followers through His dedication to them and by the way He treated them — as human children of God with eternal potential.

“These days your leaders spend vast sums of money in campaigns to convince people that even when they are not really good at least they as not as bad as their opponents. This is a sad situation that reflects the low level of spiritual progress in the majority of the population.

“Your world needs true leaders. It needs people committed to the improvement of each and every human being. It needs men and women who truly love their peers and dedicate their lives to the spiritual, moral and intellectual enlightenment of the population. It needs human beings willing to show by example the way in which they expect to lead their followers.

“The leaders of the future should aspire to perfection. Human beings are always prone to making mistakes and the same will be true for all who aspire to leadership. However, perfection is demonstrated in the decisions and intentions, not so much in the outcomes. A true leader will decide and attempt the course of action dictated by his or her higher mind – the soul, in direct connection with his or her Thought Adjuster. A true leader will attempt to do the will of the Father in this world and is guided by the criteria of truth, beauty, and goodness in all endeavors.

“Leaders who truly represent their followers will never impose their will and decisions upon others, even when knowing in their hearts that it is the best for all. Leaders will support endeavors created by consensus. Leaders propose, suggest, illuminate and guide. The final decision is up to every one else. Most of the time, any proposal that aspires to be an expression of truth, beauty and goodness for all will touch the hearts of the people and would not strike any problems in being adopted.

“You may think this is very difficult or even naive. Such a leader will have no real power in a government like the one in place in many of the so-called democratic nations, since the governments are composed of many individuals with many different interests. This is true, but the leaders described here are not just necessary as the heads of government. They are needed at every level of society. A congress or a parliament where every member has as his or her goal loving service to humanity and achieving perfection of being would not have any difficulties in promoting laws and enterprises designed to elevate civilization.

“Looking beyond the leaders; the age of Light and Life will only arrive when each and every one of you can think about yourselves as leaders who can inspire those around you to live a more spiritual life with ideals of eternal value. The governments of this world will only improve at the rate in which the people start to recognize in their souls what is true, beautiful and good, thus being enabled to make informed decisions about what policies to support and who would be the representatives that reflect their points of view. Your democratic governments are in theory a great idea that has not lived up to its potential due to the lack of development of the spiritual level of the population.

“Leaders can carry the banner of progress and elevate the spiritual level of a civilization, but only when they are supported by followers equally spiritual and committed to live the will of the Father and achieve perfection. As you can see, the change you expect to make in your world you first will have to make in each one of you, in a personal and individual fashion. This is truly a task for all.”

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