The Big 3Qs.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Michigan, US of A, Sunday November 9, 2014.

Who am I? Why am I here? What’s this life all about?

“Of all the questions about life that might be asked that could lead you to a place of wholeness, fulfillment and provide a sense of unity with all life in the universe, these three questions would be at the top of the list. Why are these three questions so important to you and why should you care to ask them? They are important because they are fundamental, irreducible and universal to all sentient beings in the universe — whether it is on this planet, a distant planet in a faraway galaxy or on some other plane of reality unknown to you. If you are alive and have consciousness, these three questions, when asked in all sincerity with pure child-like faith and wonder, are the keys to unlocking the personal revelations that give your life meaning and drive the experiences in your life that lead to growth, enlightenment and sense of purpose.

“Many of you have heard or read about these amazing people who have transformed their ordinary, mundane, sometimes tragic lives into these extraordinary purpose-driven, compassionate, faith-filled lives — people who love life and love their place in it and who are transforming the lives of others around them — they all have a common thread underlying their stories. They all have been face-to-face with a moment of clarity about their own life and purpose, whether it was brought on by a near-death experience, a dark night of the soul, a religious consecration or some other life-changing event that made them ‘pause,’ step out of their present reality and open themselves up in complete trust and vulnerability to ask the questions.

“These questions may not have been spoken exactly like these three, for it might have been a call for help, but in any case, there is this defining moment where the whole world around you fades into the background and you are left standing alone and willing to let all your layers, your masks, your pride and cloaked fears peel away revealing the naked ‘true-self’ before the councils of the universe.

“This is a faith-born moment, one for which the soul thirsts for and where the mind takes a backseat to the heart’s desire for real connection with the origin of its making. When you get to this place of soul-bearing solitude within, you are asking a question, which means you are ‘in faith’ establishing a personal, one-on-one relationship with “deity” and trusting with “child-like” purity that your questions will be answered; your pleas for help will be heard; or you have unequivocally consecrated your will to allow yourself and life to be led by God.

“This is the true moment of clarity for many and it is the first time in life when will-power is focused with laser-like precision coupled with the supreme desire ‘to know.’ This moment of clarity transcends mere curiosity, for it becomes completely transformative — it is the ‘birth of the spirit’ as was described by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago. It is an alignment of ‘will’ vibration with the Creator — an acknowledgment of the parent/child relationship.

“Ask and you shall receive…”

Receiver’s note: This writing is an excerpt from an article I am presently working on with the assistance of Spirit.

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