Michigan, US of A, November 16, 2014.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Divine Partnership — Part One.”

Received by Chris Maurus.

Chris: “How do we know when the Indwelling Spirit (the Thought Adjuster or ‘TA’) is speaking to us, or through us, and under what conditions will this occur?

Ophelius: “Dear One, this is Ophelius. This is a question that is asked by many and it is a valid question because those who have moved beyond mere curiosity and have a real desire to make contact with their God Fragments are making the most important decision they can make — to have an intimate relationship with deity.

“Many are seeking indicators and instruction because they believe it has occurred or will occur when they sincerely create the conditions necessary for this kind of divine communication.

“Now, I will speak frankly to those who I consider ‘students on the path,’ meaning those individuals who are spiritual (becoming aware) and who are not resisting the leading of the TA. It is a rare occurrence when an individual from your planet consciously becomes aware that they are hearing their TA — many do indeed hear, yet they are not aware. This is because of the tight integration between the mind and the TA. However, I will say that in this Correcting Time, the Universal Father’s direct influence through the Divine Fragments is necessary to move the planet on a path toward light and life and more of His children are becoming aware of His voice and influence through the TA.

“Like any important relationship, communication is vital to strengthen the intimacy between the two. To develop this awareness, you will want to become an ‘active partner,’ meaning you ‘allow’ this divine partner to be involved in all your inner thoughts and inner dialog. You must create a conscious space for the presence of the TA to ‘sit,’ even if you do not feel it — by faith, you will acknowledge the Indwelling Presence like an intimate friend who loves you unconditionally. Please understand that this is unconditional acceptance of who you are and that all thoughts can be shared regardless of the subject matter. The TA chose to indwell you and knows everything about you — how you think and act; what beliefs you have; and He or She is aware of all your imperfections and shortcomings. There is no need to try to hide your most intimate thoughts or embarrassing moments — the TA knows all about it, so begin to bring the TA into all your intimate inner dialog. This is how you build a relationship — trust is vital to your success.

“Fact: The TA has been present with you since your first moral decision usually just prior to your sixth birthday and so it is time for you to acknowledge this ‘old friend’ and bring Him or Her into your ‘inner sanctum’ and everyday life.

Chris: “I actually do feel this partnership now — all my inner dialog, my deep thoughts, my spiritual instructions to others has this partnership integration and ‘voice’ that is my own, yet is coming from this much deeper place and presence that I feel is within me, yet the demarcation between me and my TA is blurred — the voice is a ‘harmony.’ It is difficult to explain in words.

Ophelius: “Yes, exactly, this is why in so many of the messages you receive there is always an emphasis on acknowledging the presence of the TA. When you develop this relationship to the point where you are constantly ‘checking in’ with the TA, you begin to feel this partnership. Training your mind to acknowledge the partnership is vital to giving the TA more ‘allowance’ to work in your mind and become more integrated. This world — in this Correcting Time — needs individuals who will ‘allow’ this partnership to flourish so that the Father’s Will can be worked through the individual to help move this world toward healing, light and life.

“It is not so important that you know of the ‘distinction’ between you and your TA, but rather that you acknowledge the partnership and feel the ‘harmony.’

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” — Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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