Illawarra District, Australia, December 2, 2003.
Primary Midwayer, Andrea.
Subject: “Reincarnation – A Myth” – Part Transmission Only.

Received by George Barnard.

George: “You can say these things so much better than I can, Andrea, and besides, what kind of an authority am I?”

Andrea: “OK. This is much better now, and now we can begin. We do have the ability of ‘plucking from your vocabulary’ a much vaster range of words and concepts, and arrange them in better order. Yes. Even those words, terms and notions that have ‘slipped over the horizon of your human forgetfulness.’ Where we are often limited is in the transmission of higher truths, due to your varied states of preparedness, your stillness achievement, and your resistance at any given time in your biorhythmic swings, as well as in the restrictions placed upon us as revelators.

“Over the years, much information on the subject has been uploaded into your mind, but it is my pleasure entirely to be speaking about the tenacious, endemic religious belief systems that include reincarnation of many types, and from the very droll to the outright ridiculous.

“I guess there is some value in hearing it from me. And even with my lengthy overview of how these experiences and thoughts have become myths and have turned into belief systems that so many of your siblings adhere to, yes, even in the predominantly Christian world, it is not always clearly understood even by the likes of me how these credos have metamorphosed into such a myriad range.

“At times, the connection between the experienced Father Fragment and the human deep mind will give rise to ‘a knowing’ at a conscious level, and herein the truest form of “suggestion of reincarnation” – and I want you to put these words in quotation marks – may become evident. These are actual experiences in the lifetimes of Father Fragments that served well in the lives of some (humans), who may or may not have proceeded to undertake an eternity existence.

“And so it is on your world, our world, our troubled, blighted and chaotic world, that so many highly experienced Fragments of the Creator of All are attracted to serve in the most difficult and yet experientially profitable of circumstances. And it is therefore fair to say that among you there are many who are recollecting meaningful aspects of previous Father Fragment existences that may well come through in an accurate, partly garbled, or even disordered way.

“For the vast majority of you, the difficulty with the interpretation of these ‘elements of knowing’ lies in the lack of your spiritual and religious understanding of your very make-up; your inability to differentiate between the pre-existent Father Fragment and the newly appointed soul that will carry you to eternal life at the time of your mortal demise.

“The soul is but a mere seed of future potential in a small child. It is ticket, a tiny IOU, or voucher, one might say, that through the job of living a rightful, righteous, thankful, gracious and spiritual life in its future will grow, develop and mature into a sparkling new you with the potential of eternal service, enjoyment and certainty of your being drawn ever Paradise-ward.

“Yes, of course, these perhaps accidental communications between the Father Fragment and the deep mind do at times surface. However, in your earnest endeavor of trying to collect information about, and learning from previous soul lives, there is rarely the accuracy one might assign to what can admittedly be so vividly experienced.

“Each of you have been gifted with mind endowments that will only ‘attach and interconnect’ with unqualified degrees of fullness and accuracy. Your groupings of interactive mind segments have the ability to reach out at any given time, one might say, to only God knows where, and acknowledge the information gained as belonging to your soul’s pasts, when there are no such pasts.

“All kinds of details are available, and from myriad sources, and even from our enhanced view, and with our lengthy experience, we cannot always fathom from where these seemingly accurate details of previous soul lives may have been gathered. Suffice to say, my brother, that pre-existence of the soul is a tale passed down from greatly imaginative minds and utterings of ancient times.

“Whereas the Father Fragment has gone through excellent training, and may have had many lifetimes of ‘temporary accompanying experiences’ prior to indwelling the person that is you, the soul is always an entirely new entity, a seed, a gift, for a cooperative human mind and perfect Father Fragment to develop into a new being that will survive your passing away, and to which there is attached no original karma, good or bad.

“I trust that in this talk we have put to rest the belief of pre-existing souls, and alleviated some of the associated disquiet in those individuals that are accepting of bad karma, perhaps accumulated in carelessly lived previous soul lives.

“I thank you for staying the distance with me. I bow my head to the Spirit that is in you, now that I leave as when I arrive. Do program your meditation for the early hours. My love goes with you all. This is Andrea.” Receiver’s note: I apologize for the length of this old, but important transmission.

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