Chicago, US of A, October 12, 2014.
Teacher: Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Urantia’s Uniqueness.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Orion: “Uniqueness is one of the most evident features of God’s creation. God neither duplicates functions nor beings. In God there is no shortage of creativity, making every unit of His creation a totally distinctive one. As every creature in God’s universes is unique, so are the many worlds and the types of life on each inhabited planet of the local universes. It is not only the existence of a planet that makes it unique: but also its development and history make it like no other in creation. Among the several unique aspects of Urantia, perhaps let us show you the most interesting ones.

“Urantia, a Decimal Planet. The appearance of life on a planet is a programmatic process of life development sponsored by the Life Carriers, later brought to a particular planet, ripe to support life. That is the norm, but Urantia, the 606th planet of this system to have life implantation, was designated a decimal planet, the 60th on which Life Carriers could experiment to improve the original life patterns. Accordingly, no life was imported onto Urantia; rather, it was formulated here, specifically for this planet. This adventure, although consummated according to proven methods, was nonetheless experimental, therefore with larger margins for unpredictability.

“Early Will Appearance on Urantia. Human will on Urantia not only appeared earlier than on other planets, but also evolution itself was altogether accelerated. Humans on other planets used to take up to 1,500,000 years to reach your current stage, but on Urantia, this added up to a little less than one million years. Sadly, the defaults of Caligastia (who allied himself to Lucifer), and Adam and Eve (who betrayed their trust), prevented Urantia from fully benefitting from these evolutionary advances. Nonetheless, these evolutionary speedsters – still present in your races – will certainly be of use, now that your world is being put back into its orderly progression.

“Christ Michael’s Last Bestowal on Urantia. Of about 10 million worlds to be inhabited in the local universe of Nebadon, only Urantia has the distinction of being called the ‘Bestowal World,’ where Michael, our Sovereign, ministered in His last Bestowal, incarnating as the mortal, Jesus. Although your world was not fully prepared for a Bestowal Son, the spiritual benefits to Urantia were most effective in starting the reversion of the darkness and confusion the Lucifer Rebellion had caused. Jesus’ teachings are your most precious legacy, ensuring the future establishment of the Kingdom of God on Urantia – the coming era of Light and Life.

“As a member of the original Life Carriers that initiated life upon Urantia – one of the two that stayed behind when will emerged in your species – I participated in its implantation, and fostering of life. Now I function as adviser to your celestial administrators. Urantia’s path has indeed been rocky, but Michael’s recent mandate of establishing the Correcting Time is producing encouraging progress. Urantia, as you can see, is unique and became most distinguished in Nebadon. It is now time for its peoples to reclaim their full divine heritage, embracing their past and fearlessly charging into your promised future.”

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