Alabama, US of A, August 22, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Helping Others”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Every decision you make with the intent to benefit others, is always a good decision. However, you must question if you really are helping when solving other people’s problems. As with everything else, you must aim for balance. You need to invest some time in taking care of your health and your personal well-being, but this time has to be managed so you can also dedicate some time to lovingly serving your siblings.

“How often do human beings avoid serving those who need help most because it may be inopportune or it may cause bother! Many among you think that you might be willing to help your brothers and sisters as long as they arrive at the right moment and when you are not busy with your so-called important things.

“Your jobs are important and becoming responsible is a valuable lesson one needs to learn. However, one’s anxieties and one’s urgencies seldom have anything to do with reality. No moment should be inopportune when others need help. No action that takes you away from your comfort zone for you to lend a hand to your siblings should be considered to be a bother because it is in the surprises and in the unexpected where the Father provides us all with opportunities to grow and become increasingly like Him.

“You are not expected to be the one who takes care of all the dispossessed in this world. There are enough mortals on Urantia to prevent anybody from being stranded or from lacking what they need to live a fulfilling life, if only you would mutually help each other. However, learn to know when somebody within your circle needs help because you, students on the path, may be the only ones in that situation who can provide real and meaningful assistance. Regardless of how lost their soul might be or how wrong those mortals’ desires might be, you can always find ‘something inside you’ with which to give them a push in the right direction and let them glimpse their eternal destiny.

“The goal of perfection is a goal you will only achieve together, helping each other and sharing what our Father has placed within your hearts and minds. God lives inside human beings and reveals Himself through you. And only when you see all the pieces working in harmony can you discern with more clarity the presence of God in your world.”

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