Urantia, November 06, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Deepest of the Deep.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject title really captured your attention and it has kept your mind busy ever since you read it in a recent transmission. In fact, it was your Master Michael who spoke these words about the deepest of the deep. Whenever you hear or think of these words, there is a response from deep within you. You wonder what on earth is meant by this saying: ‘The deepest of the deep’ and how it ‘returns your calls.’

“It has always been that whenever a soul calls out from the depths of its being, there will always be a still Voice answering from an even deeper dimension, because there simply is nowhere where God is not. The Creator is so very deeply connected with everything in evolving creation because it is His energy that flows through everything. When there is no energy there is no life; for spirit energy and gravity lives and moves in and through everything. For without it life could not express itself.

“Think about this for a moment and then think further about how it is that mortals can only become immortal once they accept that the Creator is alive and well. How actually is it possible to think that there is no God when creation calls everywhere and sometimes roars to quite unmistakably make its presence known?

“Your mortal thoughts are so incredibly limited and you forget there is a wider cosmos beckoning you to come and explore; not only your inner boundaries but also the outer limits of your existence. How come you keep yourselves busy with all your visible mundane things that so insistently occupy your minds? There are far more invisible things to be explored. It is only a very small amount that is being discovered via your most powerful telescopes and yet these discoveries are still keeping the majority of you earthbound and in fear.

“This fear of the unknown keeps you earth-bound and enslaved to material shackles. Come, do wake up, your earthly life is meant for spiritual progress and therefore too important for you to merely be shackled to what is visible! Even then, it is seen through the eyes of the beholder, for what one sees, is often passed unnoticed by another.

“Dear ones, you all have such brilliant minds, given to you by the greatest Inventor of all minds, or do you think that a mind is just a random gift to be squandered? Here again, each one will personally have its own accounting to do, as the mind is your greatest value not to be underestimated, but instead it stands in danger of being poisoned, at times almost beyond redemption.

“You may think that this is another warning from on High, but no, I am calling out from the deepest of the deep in each of you hoping for some response. Time on earth is truly of the essence. However it is totally your call as to how and when you respond to your ever-so-patiently-waiting Still Voice from God within. Do make the effort and undertake that journey of exploring your deepest of the deep. You might discover the Joy of Life waiting for you to become your forever personal Companion.”

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