Illawarra District, Australia, November 30, 2014.
David Zebedee.
Subject: “Order in the Camp”

Received by George Barnard.

David: “The second camp in Perea was much larger than the first at Magadan. It needed to be bigger and it was regularly added to as more and more pilgrims arrived in these last days of our Master Jesus.

“Nothing wider than a donkey’s trail of clay and rocks with sparse vegetation on both sides took one up to the rise away from the river where my tent was installed. By taking just 10 paces to the side I could oversee the entire encampment in neat long rows, which made a perfect rectangle of rows of much hemp and some linen. I had oversight and I needed oversight because that is who I am. I like organization and I so detest chaos, but you know this already.

“I know you are being shown right now, and we do want you to see it all, my small tent most of all. So many times with new travellers arriving at all hours I would be asleep with my head resting on the same wooden bench you saw in Magadan. Despite my having helpers, there was so much to do. More important than anything else, I had to be ready to intervene should there be differences between pilgrims regarding meals or accommodation. This you would understand, but the camp was a peaceful place throughout that time.

“Almost every member of my family was involved with the Master. And all knew more about Him and his teaching than I did. I knew least about Him, but at a deeper level, I knew He was our Son of God, our saviour and I worked for Him to the utmost I could contribute. There was no thought about others doing what I did, not for a moment. The task was mine to organize and see to even the smallest details — yes, even to the point where I seriously depleted the Zebedee family funds, for nothing else mattered but that His teachings were to go out to all.

“All of us are imperfect in many ways, but each of us does one or more things to perfection. In this earthly life such is all the Father Creator expects from us. So carry on my brother with the gifts and the attitude you were born with and courageously keep doing what you do till it’s time to meet up with those who went before you. In that place we will embrace and share much of what we learned.

“I am David Zebedee. I often enquire about how the 11:11 Progress Group is faring. Good evening. We all assembled here leave you all our love.”

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