Urantia, November 12, 2014.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “According to your Belief”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Thank you, child, for answering the call of spirit, even though you have not a clue what subject is to be covered. We, as a group of celestials are always looking for those humble ones who are willing to serve as the mouthpiece for ‘other-worldly’ voices. This is not to denigrate you; it is more your training in a willingness to be of service to humanity.

“Humanity of the present day is slowly slipping into a deep stupor of not knowing that they are unwittingly being poisoned from every direction. They think their governments are taking care of them, so they rest in their complacency, not knowing or even wanting to know that freedoms are taken away. Especially the freedom of balanced and clear independent thinking is in a very insidious way being eroded by all the poisons added to the food and water supply and even bombarded from the air.

“These are the signs of present times created to repress the thoughts of the population to the ultimate purpose of depopulation thereby serving the greed of the few. He who has an ear to hear and an eye to read, wake up and be about your individual independent thoughts and start thinking outside the box: do find like-minded individuals and start using those brilliant minds with which you are endowed. And I do not say this in jest.

“Wake up and read between the lines and start wondering if the news dished up via your electronic devices is accurate. Check the poisons which are beginning to filter into everything. As citizens you have every right — and may I add responsibility — to know what you are feeding your minds and bodies. Is it wholesome and do your physical systems benefit or are you more beset with aches and pains to be soothed with unnatural means?

“Your eternal lives are at stake. How about taking your undying souls into consideration? With what are you feeding your souls? What thoughts do you hold in your mind, for these produce after their kind! The celestials are willing to help humanity; however, you have to help yourselves first by using your God-given brains.

“The request from Jesus still stands: ‘According to your belief it shall be done unto you’ and ‘Ask and you shall receive; only believe.’ This is the subject topic and message I desire to bring you. In a way, you may consider this another wake-up call from the celestial realms for humanity to become more responsible in their personal behavior, for each individual shall surely need to give account of their individual life and how this most important foundational life was lived.

“Start by planning a better way of life by turning off some of your electronic toys. Next, concentrate on creating a healthy family life, for this will be the beginning of a better future for your offspring. Pay more attention to your children because they hold the promise of the future and teach them the golden rule of doing unto others as they would like to be treated.

“Progress or regress. It is your choice.”

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