Illawarra District, Australia, December 19, 2014.
Aaron of Urantia.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).

Subject: “We Are Teachers for a Term” — Bringing You Teacher Aaron’s Message.

Received by George Barnard.

Chief Bzutu: “This is ABC-22 bringing you all of Teacher Aaron’s second message. Every part of the interrupted earlier message from Teacher Aaron was passed on to me as well, so at some time we can also take it up from where it was left off.

“Right now we are concerned about the return — I should say, the lack of return — of Teachers of the past. And to answer the question posed; former human Teachers such as Teacher Will, will not likely be returning, but perhaps to the original receiver. They have done their share, they have done their season of teaching, their terms, and they do move on. Some may occasionally come back to say hello to their past students, but for most of them, the task is finished.

“I remind you of the fact that Machiventa told you a long time ago that you are to place the people at the starting gates to spirituality to let them run their own race. Yes, for you to then leave them alone and let them take care of their own personal beliefs, their own spirituality. What would happen now, do consider, if every Teacher who was there some 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago would be coming back? What specifically would happen? You are right. You got it!

That Teacher would be dealing with the different receiver and would likely be subjected to the pre-existing beliefs of that particular receiver. However, to the people quite in the know of that Teacher’s earlier lessons and who might all now follow the new lessons, the Teachers might well seem to be contradicting themselves. This would become a greatly disturbing matter to those people who for instance believed in every single lesson of Teacher Will.

“This, my friend, is why Machiventa told you to ‘let them run their own race.’ You are only interested in people taking on and getting used to living some sort of spiritual life. But neither you, nor we, care all that much about precisely what it is they believe — the finer points, their ‘personal dogma’ if you like, is of no interest to us whatever. Their time spent in prayer or meditation or being otherwise involved in spiritual efforts is all we really care about.

“Think back to the time when you spoke at length to Primary Midwayer Andrea and when she told you that those of the ‘Tropical Rainforest Cathedrals’ were equally loved and supported as were those of the ‘Open Sky Churches of the Mongolian Steppes.’ To us, it is clear that you simply cannot understand all of what spirituality and the spirit world is all about, but we support you and we encourage you in whatever diverse beliefs you have. Both Progress and Churches see it as their duty to work with you equally, to support you equally and to encourage you equally. The very ‘nuts and bolts’ of the spirit world are hardly your immediate concern.

“This now is all of Aaron’s second message. I thank you for staying the distance with me and I thank you for listening sharply and so understanding my mind. I leave you my love and that of all others of our 11:11 Emergency Platoon of old. I say good night.”

George: “Thank you, thank you. Au revoir.”

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