Alabama, US of A, September 7, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Creative Life”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your projects are My projects because anything your soul wishes to realize or materialize in this world — your reality — is a creative expression coming from Source. All creation comes from your Father and it is only through your creativity that you can become an original reflection of God.

“A valuable life from the point of view of eternity is a life filled with creativity, with co-creative endeavors where a creature progressively learns to listen to his or her higher impulses and uses the resources provided by the Father to his or her personality, converting this inspiration into realities and transforming the potentials into matter or action. Many of your celebrities of past and present who are seen as great men and women should be recognized by the criteria of how many things from on high they managed to manifest in this world — how much inspiration they received which they then converted into reality to be enjoyed by their brothers and sisters.

“Your imagination is the source of your reality. It is in your mind where you decide how to live and how you see your world. It is your collective vision that determines your collective reality. All the blessings you enjoy in your world today are the product of the efforts of one or more human beings from the present or past who created something from the ideas that arose in their hearts. Also, many of the problems you face today are caused by the unwillingness of many to do what their souls tell them is right. The world of today with all its aberrations and abnormalities is not the result of those who really attempt to do evil — they are not as many as you may think. The world of today owes a great deal to indolence and inertia — the great poisons of spiritual progress.

“All men and women gifted with a normal mind feel the impulse in their hearts to create something. This is part of your nature and your purpose because you have been created in the image of the Creator and you are expected to be increasingly more like your Celestial Father. The creative impulse is innate in human beings. For this reason, when we prevent this inspiration from flowing naturally to ourselves or to others, the entire system feels affected. To ignore your creativity is to deny yourselves what you really are. It is the equivalent of your deciding to stop breathing.

“Open today the gates of your heart and let yourself be inundated by the continuous overflow of inspiration that comes from the Divine Presence within. Let yourselves be touched by the voice of the Father to motivate you into action and for the great endeavors of the present and future for those who will contribute to make this earth a real paradise. To exercise your creative privileges is to do the Will of God, because creature and Creator build together a universe increasingly representative of the Father’s intent.

“Especially when a human being is creating does the spark of life shine with more intensity. Creativity inspires more creativity and mind and spirit start to work at higher levels of harmony and efficiency, strengthening and elevating the immortal soul and preparing it for the next levels of existence.”

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