Illawarra District, Australia, November 12, 2004.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Subject: “The Quirks of the Blue Man.” [Part transmission only]

Received by George Barnard.

Andréa: “We, too, can occasionally run low on energy, my dearest friend, especially so when we allow our human-like feelings to come into play, when we witness an unsuspected turn-around in Earth’s slow but steady progress. However, since you notice I’m still here, you will understand that we do not ever give up or give in. Indeed, this is our livelihood, and the pay-off is enormous in our personal, and group satisfaction in us serving our Hero, Michael, and thus serving the Father through serving Him, by serving others—our sole function.

“Your question is deserving of an answer, but it is not a simple one. There was a time, perhaps, when warring parties could have made peace, and the blending of Nodite and Adamic stock could have proceeded to show you an entirely different picture of extraordinary progress today, and that might have been about the only chance that ever presented itself. As it is, you have not blended, and calculations by better minds than mine can assist you with, have brought us the conclusion that this is no longer preferable.

“You are now faced with having to come to terms with the talents and quirks of those races that remain. Your Red Man is a greatly spiritual being, but he can be provoked. Your Yellow Cousin is a peaceful one, but he will defend himself, and an attack on one sibling will motivate the entire “family” to take up arms.

“It is the White Man who inherited more of the Adamite, but the Blue Man’s traits of old “shine through”. It is the White Man of today who will initiate, discover, and forge ahead in many new fields. It is also he, who will change his approach to what is often not ethical; invent new paradigms and the preferred new language and terminology to go with these drastic changes that perhaps justify, yet rock the world time and again.

“These, by and large, are the quirks of the latter-day Blue Man, his licentious behavior, rampant inbreeding, and his unusual, growing ability to justify almost any unsavory behavior by calling this something other than (what) it was. This is the Correcting Time, my dear brother, and it is the time to see, to realize, to expose, and to correct these racial, these genetic anomalies, in the person, the family, the wider community, and your governments.

“All needed help is with you, but for you to show willingness, intent, to better your world, our world. This is Andréa. My love goes out to all.”

Note: The question dealt with the predatory behaviors of big business, and our politicians in government, especially as it relates to the Middle East.

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