Alabama, US of A, September 6, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Original Thinking”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Most mortals usually choose to follow the common ways of thinking — those used by the majority. This is the reason why problems tend to remain unsolved for a long time and their solutions are usually sluggish processes. It is easy for people to get used to things — even when it may be something totally inappropriate. As examples one could mention slavery, the great disparity among the rich and the poor, and the mistreatment of the female of the human species. At various moments in history many individuals have considered that these things are not appropriate, but they generally discard their thoughts because these thoughts go against what the majority considers to be correct or traditional — just the way things are. For this reason, the examples mentioned above still exist in this world in one form or another and your society has not been able to overcome them.

“Few among you are able to look at a problem that has existed ‘forever’ and decide to do something about it. It is easy to assume that if a situation has existed for generations, a solution would be impossible to find. However, I can assure you that the three problems mentioned could be corrected during this generation in a definitive way if only all of you decided to make it happen. The great difficulties are not related to the implementation of the solutions. The hardest part is to move the minds of the majority from the old ideas into new ways of thinking. This means to abandon tradition to venture into unknown territory, and this is something most of the population in this world fear deeply. The most powerful tool to keep human beings under submission and in slavery is the fear of change.

“However, the Divine Spark within each and every one of you never ceases to inspire you to create new and original ideas and thoughts. This source of creative impulses never dries up — even when you suppress, censor or plainly ignore these impulses. Open your hearts and minds to receive this inspiration and dedicate some minutes of your time to examine it and to search for ways to express it, because expressing what arises from your soul is expressing God through your being.

“Do not let your originality be smashed under the weight of tradition and group-think. Take any problem you feel inspired to solve and find a way, without being concerned about how big and difficult the problem appears to be. Think about how many problems are related and how one problem may contain the solution for a different problem. One example is the epidemic of obesity that the richer nations in the world are experiencing while the peoples from other nations do not have enough to eat. Those who are eating more than what they really need would be healthier and happier if they gave away their surplus to those who have not enough to eat, solving two problems with one solution. Is this revolutionary? Is this the product of the mind of a genius? No, the only extraordinary and revolutionary thing would be that someone decided to do it.”

Edited by Linda.

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