Alabama, US of A, September 8, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Mortal Like You”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Do you realize that the Ruler of this universe was once a mortal just like you? He had the same capacities and the same mind that all humans on Urantia possess. He did not have any advantages over others, besides Him growing up in a loving family and enjoying good health.

“As you consider the way in which the Master lived his life and the way in which He related to His peers, always remember two things: Firstly, very early in His life He learned to have absolute trust in the care of His Father in Heaven and secondly, he also developed a great trust in human beings — in their potential for greatness and nobility and in the innate goodness of people.

“For this reason it shouldn’t be said that He endured the offences, the mistreatment and the chagrin that others caused Him with stoicism or fortitude. For Him, everything negative He received from anybody was only the result of spiritual immaturity in that person. Those boys who took advantage of His reticence to defend Himself when attacked, never really bothered Him, because He knew well that someday they would grow up and they would discover a better path.

“Even those who conspired to cause His death and the one who betrayed Him did not suffer any reprisals. He always did all within His power to elevate their spiritual conscience through His words, His actions, and His love for them. He didn’t endure suffering and punishment as did a strong man supported by physical and mental strength. All these things that could be thought of as damaging or evil were for Him just the actions of souls that didn’t know any better, but would behave differently and would even achieve great things under different circumstances and in a more appropriate environment.

“His strength was not in His will, but in His trust in His Father. He knew without a doubt that nothing could really happen to Him. He always knew that His life was in the hands of God and that this life was eternal. You also enjoy this knowledge and if you have chosen to try to be better — to strive to be the best you can aspire to be and find the purpose of your life — your life is guaranteed for eternity.

“Only those who have dealt with small children — particularly fathers and mothers — can understand a little of the way in which the Master regarded His brothers and sisters of this world who attacked Him or bothered Him during various episodes in His human life. Nobody would consider as evil the misunderstandings of a small child. Everyone knows that little children still don’t know a lot of things and make many mistakes they will not make again after they have grown. Accept that all on this world are small spiritual children, barely starting their journey towards the maturity of perfection. Love each other and help each other in your journey toward your eventual perfection, to together overcome the errors and the difficulties along the way.”

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