Illawarra District, Australia, January 4, 2015.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “Thrown Off the Deep End” — Part Two.

Received by George Barnard.

Teacher Samuel: “It’s good to have a break, to spend some time in total silence, quite alone and as if in a dark forest or on a deserted beach. We follow on now from our earlier talk about life on an evolutionary planet, in your case a decimal planet, a rebellious one as well as the very planet on which our Michael completed his last bestowal. On top of all that, your home planet is often referred to as an irregular planet. What does it mean for the planet to be irregular?

“It means that your planet has not progressed in the normal way. In straight language it states that the planet is abnormal. And in many places it means that its citizens’ behavior — whilst it may be classed as normal — is in fact quite over the top. Yes, you might call it that. Your countless generations of humans and Angels having lived through the Lucifer rebellion, the Caligastia betrayal and the Adamic default are still recuperating, needing more time to shake off an insane past. Will you give yourself the time to escape or actually face this lunacy?

“You are left with many races, some pure, some blended and with little evidence of the Adamite to be discovered, but are you seeing all as your brothers and sisters and as equal in your eyes as in the eyes of God? As the years go by, more and more of you are meant to accept others as they are, not as you would prefer them to be. Open your eyes, your ears, your hearts and learn to understand them. Once you understand their ways you will admire them. Once you see what they are about you will respect them.

“Soon you will not be far away from loving them, because whatever race or color they are, they want happiness, a place to live, a job to do, a family to feed and educate. You will see them just the way you are. You will see them to be your siblings in every way. It will take time but you can do it. At such a time or even before, you will inaugurate a ‘new deal’ for your planet by respecting her more, by tending to her needs, her flora and fauna and by vastly reducing your greed-stoked digging, your insatiable burrowing and voracious tunneling.

“Yes, we speak of your most ravenous mining efforts that so maim your world. We address you about what you take from the ground, refine and bury back under the ground in your vaults.

“An unwelcome crisis will come, make no mistake, yet beyond its time you will organize yourself to with great care select those who must lead you. Essential to this exercise will be the accurate recording of your past, a cessation of your falsifying and re-inventing historical records. Fear not a downturn, for good times will follow.

“It will surely be of my personal delight to in time discover that Urantia was progressing as did the Panoptian world of my years. This is Samuel. Aaron and I send you our love.”

George (smiling): “Thank you. We’re famous and irregular, but you give us heart.”

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