Urantia, June 14, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Continuation.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We have discussed a great number of subjects over the years. We will continue to do so, but not always in the same way, as each phase of life is different -- each new phase building upon the previous. Before you actually realize it, you will have progressed in your spiritual unfoldment, thus in the evolution of your soul. You are assured by now that life goes on after the dissolution of your most marvelous instrument, the physical body, and temple of your spirit. You have also been told that spirit does not die, but lives on, providing there is something of substance to continue on with.

“Your soul, your spiritual counterpart, develops by the positive choices and decisions you make from moment to moment. Although in the beginning, when you are yet little, you are hardly aware of the consequences of those decisions, yet somehow they affect your future. Increasingly, you become more aware of how life is shaping up for you, and there are always those deciding moments of awakening provided, for you to start paying attention. Especially when one reaches around forty years of age, having lived perhaps half of one’s life, it’s time to seriously think about how to live the rest of one’s life to make it worthwhile in order to garner satisfaction and look back on a life well-lived. It often is the time when one seriously desires peace for one’s soul, so one’s thinking gains a deeper level to ponder the deeper mysteries of life.

“Of course everyone is different. There are people, who due to severe illness or accidents of time, are earlier jolted into the reality and meaning of their existence. Each one of you mortals sooner or later decides that there is more to life than mere existence, and when the question must arise, ‘what is it that I am here to do?’ Ideally, you will have searched and found that glorious inner connection with the All That Is, so you can continue to build on that most wonderful of all relationships. The feeling of having found your inner anchor will grow stronger as time passes. At least, this happens when you take the time to pay attention to your Guide within. This has been made possible for all of you, and is a Gift from the eternal God, as soon as you made your first ever choice for good.

“Everyone goes through this momentous event with the capacity to think. This is your signpost that you have become a bona fide cosmic citizen with the potential for immortality. It is by your personal free will, and of course by the Grace of God, that this is made possible. There results the continuation, the building up of your individual spiritual counter-part. It is not what you do, but what you strive to do, that leads you heaven-ward. We have often discussed that doing the will of God is the way with the most love in it, and to go about doing good without any thought of remuneration. It is the road of becoming self-less, rather then being self-absorbed. It is allowing your Guide within to lead you on the path of righteousness with increasing sincerity and understanding. It is a path to a growing inner joy and a deep sense of belonging.”

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