Chicago, US of A, June 19, 2012.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Accepting the Difference.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andrea: “What makes a melody a melody? Basically it is a difference in musical tones. If a melody were to be made of only one note, it would obviously not be melody, rather a monotonous repetition of just one note. Similarity and differences make the melody with which God created the Universe of Universes. Consider the Trinity: Although one God, the Creator is uniquely different, being represented in three Persons. Differences are what make us distinct from one another. We all have features that make us particular individuals; we are all unique beings, although greatly similar. Notwithstanding our similarities, it is not easy for Urantians to deal with the differences in others. Why is that so?

“Primitive man had one main struggle in life: survival. To that end he would incessantly look for food and protection. Later, humanity acquired relative safety in survival by the individual managing to first control himself, then the environment and lastly others. The result of this increasing control is what today is called civilization. Civilization is the art of controlling human presence on this planet through governance. There is not much in the way of diversity that government can tolerate. In society, uniformity is essential to control. There can be no governance when anyone is allowed to freely act on his or her own impulses.

“Life is all about similarities and diversities, and in keeping the balance between these two extremes lies the secret of harmony. Each one must accept others the way they are. Mature and responsible individuals are not to be subjugated, or subject others to controlling behavior. Yet, to accept people’s differences does not mean you may support them in any wrongdoing they might be guilty of. However, it does mean for you to respect their free will. In society, humans are all subject to the Law and its officers, a condition commonly called the Social Contract, which prevents chaos and affords communal living, besides ultimately exemplifying the sovereign will of God. Accepting the differences in others is to live and let live. It is, as the Master taught, ‘to neither judge, nor be judged,’ but to allow and respect the freedom to be, to think, and to act responsibly. Acceptance of diversity is primordial to overcoming the many kinds of prejudice against others that still plague all Urantian societies.

“To you it would appear that we Midwayers could easily control people in your realm, given our immaterial attributes of being; this is true only to an extent, since no real control can be exerted without permission or violation of free will – the latter being expressly forbidden to us. There is a limit to the exercise of control over others; even the Gods do not use constraining means to achieve divine goals, rather they bring beings and circumstances to the consensus of the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

“I am Andrea, your new friend from the Midway Realm. I share your evolutionary origin and life on this world, but I am different from you in many ways. Even so, I am, like you are, part of the universe family of God, in which we are all loved children of a loving Father of all. Peace to you!”

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