Urantia, June 17, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Being of Service.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We have on occasions discussed the concept of being of service. We return to the subject, and add the word 'loving' to it. In loving service, as in doing the Father’s Will, implies that there is no expectation of something in return. This is the way I would have you serve, as this opens the way to more abundant blessings. Those who serve either grudgingly, or with hidden agendas, place limits upon My blessings, because they have not understood the real meaning of service. It is in being of loving service that you, yourself are blessed. The Creator of everything knows the hearts and minds of all creatures, and knows the secrets of all hearts.

“Many a soul languishes in darkness, because of having been told that as long they fulfil their obligatory duties by paying their dues they are saved. ‘Saved from what,’ I like to know? It is the personal connection to the All That Is, which needs to be in place. It is the way with the most love in it, walked in truth beauty and goodness, with sincerity and honesty of heart. This ought to be your daily striving, to each day become more aware of My Presence within you, and to try each day to love one more person. They are the ‘unlovely’ who also need your love, for you cannot know the aches and pains of another’s heart. All have feelings, and by showing yourself friendly and accepting of one another, you reside in a state of loving service.

“You have the ability to uplift someone else with only a smile. The world is in need of happy and genuine smiles. Nothing is ever forced in the kingdom of God. You need to realize that you are actually already living in the kingdom of God, because there is simply nowhere that God is not. All of the infinitely widespread creation is of God. And the reason that everything is manifesting is the unconditional loving service which His mighty descending Sons render in return to the Father. They are subservient even to lowly creatures such as you, because they know what is possible for you to become when you also begin walking in the way of loving service. In this manner you become more finely attuned to all possible potentials which lie undiscovered before you.

“Humans in the early stages of evolution developed their fictitious ideas and ‘fabricated’ those ideas into gospels for others to follow. Many untruths, superstitions, creeds and dogmas evolved and became established as the infallible word of God. Over time, these shall all fall away when God’s truth becomes more widely known. This will happen to just one person at a time. Those who were offered glimpses of truth, because they took the time to make that personal connection, are becoming the salt of the earth, the lights for others to see. These will be the ones of true loving service because they begin to understand the true meaning as to what it means to lovingly serve. They serve already now without recognition. They serve without attracting attention to themselves, because they are at peace with themselves, for they have found that pearl of great value within themselves, which has become their Guiding Light. Search and you shall find.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time — TA.