Illawarra District, Australia, March 22, 2015.
Secondary Midwayer Beatrice (ABC-3).
Subject: “Conducting a Series of Lectures.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Beatrice: “Some dear friend blew in my ear and suggested that you have been talking about me. As it so happens, I am still on Mansonia One and I have spoken to many about the 11:11 Progress Group and the new position of importance my extended (midwayer) family is at last deservingly attaining. Also I have spoken to members of your extended family who have moved on from Urantia and the only real message I am allowed to pass on is that you are loved.

“For some centuries we undertook not to leave our home, our planet, and the outer edges of the stratosphere became our limit. Our work was here and there was no time for day trips even. Whilst the 873 were on their prison world, it seemed only fair for us, the 1,111, to also be limited in our movements. That is not the case today, however, and I now temporarily reside on Mansonia One to teach about free will and rare times of crisis during which human free will may be overturned.

“In my instance — in my work with Dante Alighieri on the Comedia — there was no intervention aimed at a single individual, no. The sage was only too willing to work in close liaison with me, just as you worked with my younger brother (ABC-22). And the paradise-ordered intervention was an effort to awaken the masses of the Roman Church to consider their evil doings and their utterly lost spirituality in the meaningless religious rituals of that time.

“To intervene by order of ‘the Heavens’ with anyone individual, as I explained, was not the case with my work of intuiting Dante. However, as more and more power falls in the hands of a single person, such might become the rule, rather than the exception.

“Here on Mansonia One, a lot of former humans hardly acknowledge the free will they once possessed and in fact still have right now. Many are of the opinion that they lacked opportunity — that opportunity was denied them. I am here to teach them that they are correct — only in the rarest of exceptional cases. Yes, I am conducting a series of lectures.

“Our planet of birth is not an ordinary rock in space, my friend. It is one of the most diverse spheres in the sector. It is also lagging in spiritual progress, ignorant of historical events and often taking one step forward and taking two steps back in matters of rational and spiritual import. In an atmosphere like that many mortals live out their lives in ignorance of what might be the most important task to engage in whilst in the mortal habiliments — soul growth.

“Those who hail from our sister planets tend to entirely skip the first or even the second of the Mansion Worlds. The open-eyed arrivals from Urantia will generally stay here for quite a time … actually finding out at last just where they had been.

“This is Beatrice, the one who gives the best hugs. Till we meet up again, I’ll hold you all dear in my heart.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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