Oregon, May 26, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Saving Grace of Truth.”

Message received by Anyas.

“God is truth. And it is the desire of God that his creatures should understand him — come fully to know the truth. Truth is eternal; it sustains the universe.” [UB, 131:4.6]

Thought Adjuster: “Many are threatened by the full disclosure of truth and approach it with much resistance and resentment. What triggers such an allergic reaction to factual relevance?

Egotistic pride is the culprit. Instead of appropriately celebrating the saving grace of truth, insecure egos get bruised when new elements pop up that contradict their ‘home-brewed’ version — a subjective interpretation that protects what they perceive as their self-interest.

Following the trail of the symbolic breadcrumbs of truth takes you ever closer to the One who scatters them all over the multiverse to nudge you back to his Fold — the reliable Source of all Truth and prolific Outsourcer of the building materials of All-That-Is. A life not grounded in truth squanders and desecrates its sustaining Life Force while an unwavering pursuit of truth will bear nutrient-rich fruits that are not from the poisonous tree of lies and deception.

You may have moments of crushing disappointment when you admit that your belief system relied on erroneous data. You may feel like an abject failure. Yet, whenever life sets the record straight by disclosing all the evidence needed to vindicate the truth, shouldn’t you be relieved and applaud such a liberating and empowering event? It dissipates all lingering doubt and its debilitating elements that prevent you from actualizing your God-given potential, putting a brake on your inner drive.

Your most worthwhile undertaking is the quest for truth. Its disclosure will be incremental to give you time for assimilation, thus promoting your spectacular soul's emergence on a firm scaffolding. Be intent and be patient! Time is on your side. Does a caterpillar suspect that it will become airborne? Does a seed intuit how it will look in full bloom? On some summer day, it will unfold its colorful skirt, twirling it around in the morning breeze for all to behold, while releasing the first whiffs of its otherworldly designer fragrance — the makings of its appealing, energetic signature.”

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